Dear Americans

Dear irresolute Americans, I know you have this rather loopy notion that Snowden was actually paid by some enemies to leak whatever documents he had leaked. None of us can confirm this yet, unfortunately. However, that’s not my point. You ask me what’s the point I’m wishing to make, eh? Good question, Americans. My point is: dudes, whoever paid Snowden (if someone — be it China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Ecuador — ever did), who the fuck cares? The striking fact is: your government is spying your every move  despite the (supposed to be) fact that the US Constitution guarantees your rights to privacy. What are you going to do about it, are you going to do anything at all? Sorry for being so blunt, but I think you owe Snowden a glass of beer for telling you what your government has been doing to you… or, if you insist, you actually owe China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, or Ecuador, for this truth.

In ya face,



When it’s classic, leave your kids at home

January 12, 2012
On my bed, Jakarta

Dear Parents Who Brought Their Kids To The Classical Music Concert Last Night:

I have no doubt that both of us, me and you — Parents, share the same interests in classical music. Who are your favorites? Mine are a lot! But the top three might be Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and Bach. I am a bit bored with Mozart lately.

Anyway, I am very sure that you might (or might not) have other names. Maybe Brahms? Correct! The young maestro Iskandar Widjaja did play a Brahms, Scherzo, last night. I think it was some three notes F–A-flat–F or something right? As Iskandar mentioned this Frei Aber Einsam (FAE) or “Free, But Lonely” notes before he started playing. I don’t know Brahms that well, apology.

So, what do you think about his last night’s concert? Agreed, he was indeed great (aside from being incredibly hot too)! I think it was pretty short, but I could catch his energy and every single distinctive sound he made with his violin. When I closed my eyes, last night during the concert, and listened to him… I felt like: damn, it’s a recording quality!

I don’t know how you made it to the concert, Parents, but I literally struggled to get there on time. I took a taxi, and asked the driver to go to Bintaro via Tanah Kusir (it’s the nearest route from my place in Palmerah). I swear to God I got inside the taxi at 5.30 p.m. or 90 minutes prior the concert. But an hour and a half anticipation did not seem enough for Jakarta-Bintaro’s demented traffic. Two bloody intersections in Tanah Kusir alone ate my 50 to 60 minutes up. I was about to cry, you know, in panic and despair. I kept asking the driver were we still far from Bintaro toll entry? (I think me and my friend, Hanief, should thank him that he did not kick us out of his cab). Oh yes, don’t mention the rain! I know, It worsen the traffic. Sucks to the max.

But traffic was one thing, dearest Parents. I had of course another issue called “a black dress.” I did not know what I have been munching in the past six months, but now my cute black dress is failing me (or me failing it). It doesn’t fit me anymore, me and my holly fat. I ended up wearing my black ruffles dress, I should thank Elvin for that, because it was her who suggested me to pick that one. I did not look that “black tie ready” but I was fine. Yes, I observed that you Parents also came out with some sweet dresses and suits.

So you see, it was a miracle that I made it there — magically — on time. And of course, as your own plans, too, I supposed, we only wanted to enjoy the concert.

Oh Parents, but did you actually notice what happened then? I couldn’t believe my ears, but besides catching every incredible sound Iskandar was producing with his violin, I also could hear this continuous coughing noise made by little kids. Continuously means non-stop, mind you, for minutes. Also, several other children’s noise, I think some of them was about to cry, another yelled a word or something. It happened in several seconds, then stopped. Then the kids made that noise again. Stopped and on again.

I know, it did not happen that long. But still, was several times and very irritating.

It went very annoying like this: beautiful sound of violin, Iskandar was playing Ravel, Sonate Pour Violon Et Piano, with Christine Utomo. Cough cough cough. Violon et piano. Yell yell yell. Violon et piano. Cry cry cry. Violon et piano. Cough cough cough.

Seriously, Parents, with all due respect, what the fuck?

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